Communication Studies

Students of this program will develop an understanding of core communication concepts and apply them in a wide variety of many different careers, relationships, and settings.

Because skilled communicators are highly desired by business and industry, students may go on to hold a variety of positions in a wide range of fields and/or to a four-year Communication Studies Degree Program.

Students will have knowledge of foundational theories of communication; prevailing communication research paradigms; roles and functions of communication in interpersonal, group, and public contexts; and the impact and ethics of communication in a diverse and global society. Students will also have the ability to think critically; conduct and evaluate communication research; communicate effectively in interpersonal, group, and public contexts; and create and deliver effective and ethical messages via oral, print, and electronic modes.

Employment Information

Effective and appropriate communication is required for success in any career path. Strong and effective skills (formal and informal) are required in writing, verbal, and group communication. In October 2013 the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that, "When it comes to the importance of candidate skills and qualities, employers are looking for team players who can solve problems, organize their work, and communicate effectively."

Transfer Information

Students have options for transfer to many institutions, both in Maryland and across the United States.

Contact Information

Professor Linda Heil

Advising, Career & Transfer Services

Academic Catalog: Communication Studies