Allison Redman

When she was making her decision about which college to choose, Allison Redman knew she wanted to attend a smaller institution that was not too far away from family and friends. A graduate of C. Milton Wright, she made the decision to live at home and attend Harford Community College. HCC offered her the opportunity to try different classes without a huge financial commitment, which was important to her because she was unsure of what she wanted to study.

“My first math teacher at Harford was Mrs. Lynne Petzold. She was awesome and explained to students that doing math is like solving a puzzle.” This class helped Allison realize that mathematics was a subject she wanted to further pursue.

“My first semester, I didn’t realize how much there was to do here,” she said. Allison quickly learned that in addition to academics, HCC has many of the same things that are offered at universities – student activities, concerts, shows, athletics, and more. Last year she and other Harford students went on the alternative Spring Break trip to the Jersey shore helping victims of Super Storm Sandy by shoveling sand for residents, filling bags of food at a homeless shelter, and helping with homework at a Boys and Girls Club.

Allison also served as a Student Orientation Leader last summer. “It’s a great program. We keep in touch with our students during their first semester. They will ask us questions they are afraid to ask their instructors. They are comfortable with their leaders and see them not only as mentors but also as friends. They can talk to their leaders or have lunch with them. We try to help them in any way we can and make them want to stay here,” she said.
In addition to her extra-curricular activities at Harford, Allison is a member of the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra. She has played the violin for 14 years and says that music is her passion. “I have a great violin teacher, Linda Molina. She inspires me and helps push me to be a better musician.” Allison recently participated in the Miss Maryland pageant, and although she did not place, she had a great time, made new friends, and gained self-confidence. In addition, she tutors an autistic German child who recently moved to the United States and is pleased that she helped him to develop a love of math, formerly his worst subject.

Allison, who is a mathematics major with a minor in music, hopes to graduate in December 2014 and then transfer to the University of Maryland. She plans to pursue a career as a teacher.