Brittany Martin 2018

Brittany Martin graduated from HCC and TUNE’s 2+2 program in Psychology and is now studying in University of Baltimore's Applied Psychology master's program.

Brittany Martin graduated from Harford Community College in 2014 with an A.A. in Psychology and from Towson University in Northeastern, MD with a B.S. in Psychology in 2016. She was later accepted into University of Baltimore's master's program in Applied Psychology with a Counseling focus.

Brittany returned to Harford Community College earlier this fall to perform an historical reenactment in conjunction with Constitution Day 2018. She portrayed Edmonia Highgate, the first Black teacher at Hosanna School in Darlington.

She is currently working at University of Maryland School of Nursing as a Graduate Admission Recruiter/Counselor. In addition, she is a self-taught visual artist specializing in painting abstract art. She aspires to become an art therapist, an academic advisor, and a professor at a community college.

“I believe Harford Community College helped me build the confidence I needed to do more in life. I appreciate the Behavioral and Social Sciences department for being advocates helping students every step of the way. With the use of exercise-based learning, I was able to retain information more effectively. I would like to thank Mrs. Regina Roof-Ray, in particular. I also love how HCC has accessible resources and activities for all students. From the Learning Center to OwlFest, I always felt prepared to finish my goal and have fun with it. I would like to highlight the Soar 2 Success program as they provide proper mentoring and opened their space for me to share my experience with new students. Mrs. Sharoll Williams-Love and the late Mr. Harry Brown were what I call my ‘school parents.’ They were always cheering me on and making sure I was on the path to success. I will always cherish the support I received at HCC.”

Original Story (abbreviated)

Shortly after Brittany Martin graduated from Harford Community College, she traveled right across Thomas Run Road to Towson University in Northeastern Maryland to take the upper level courses she needed to complete a bachelor’s degree. Brittany said being able to take her junior and senior coursework in Harford County was a “gas-saving” move. Since she lived only 15-20 minutes from campus, she saved time as well. “I have friends who commuted to Towson and absolutely hated the drive.” She added, “Being able to take upper level classes close by and graduate from there as well is a marvelous feeling.”

She found the transfer process to be very smooth. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted her to Harford in the first place. She was intrigued with the 2+2 program with Towson University and happy about the low cost of courses at Harford. All of her HCC classes transferred and she was able to begin her junior year right in Harford County. “I would definitely recommend this transition to anybody.” Brittany worked in Advising at HCC and frequently heard students express the desire to attend Towson after Harford. She feels having the building right on the HCC campus helps people to achieve their goals more smoothly and efficiently.

Brittany enjoyed getting involved and served as a volunteer at the Hays-Heighe House at the College. While at HCC, she worked with Mrs. Sharoll Williams-Love on the “Soar 2 Success” program, served as a former peer leader, and was a guest speaker for the “iCanSucceed” conference, a one-day empowerment program about how to navigate the academic and social demands of college. At Towson University in Northeastern Maryland, she served as a student ambassador and was the student speaker for the grand opening of the building. In addition, she volunteered with the Sexual Abuse/Spouse Abuse Resource Center as a hospitality companion.

Her mom helped her along the way by providing anything she needed to meet her goals. “I am earning these degrees for her. I want her to know that her devotion and love is what helped me get the degree I have now and what is going to continue to help me earn the others.”