Brittany Martin

Shortly after Brittany Martin graduated with an A.A. degree in psychology from Harford Community College, she traveled right across Thomas Run Road to Towson University in Northeastern Maryland to take the upper level courses she needed to complete a bachelor’s degree. She transferred there in fall 2014.

Brittany said being able to take her junior and senior coursework in Harford County is what she calls a “gas-saving” move. Since she lives only 15-20 minutes from campus, she’ll save time as well. “I have friends who commute to Towson and absolutely hate the drive.” She added, “Being able to take upper level classes close by and graduate from there as well is a marvelous feeling.”

“The new building is heaven sent,” Brittany added. Being able to attend campus locally helped put her mom at ease. They both learned that she will receive the same education without all the travel and at a reduced cost. Brittany explained that since Towson University in Northeastern Maryland is not on the main Towson campus, students only pay half of certain fees so it is like getting a discount, which she finds very beneficial. “You have to drive to the main campus for certain events, such as football games and homecoming, but the discount is worth taking that drive.”

She found the transfer process to be very smooth. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted her to Harford in the first place. She was intrigued with the 2+2 program with Towson University and happy about the low cost of courses at Harford. All of her HCC classes transferred and she was able to begin her junior year right in Harford County. “I would definitely recommend this transition to anybody. For me, I knew that Towson U was one of my top three colleges.” Brittany works in Advising at HCC and frequently hears students express the desire to attend Towson after Harford. She feels having the building right on the HCC campus helps people to achieve their goals more smoothly and efficiently.

“Quite frankly, when I went to Towson University in Northeastern Maryland, I was surprised how close a family we have become. Since we are a small school, everybody knows everybody. From the teachers to the students, we are very close-knit. . . . I have gained another family by going to Towson University in Northeastern Maryland.”

Brittany felt that Harford was a great help in preparing her to succeed at a four-year college. There were several people who supported her throughout the process, especially Student Activities Specialist Sharoll Love and Sociology faculty Harry Brown, both of whom she considers her “HCC parents.” Brittany stated, “They both wanted nothing but for me to succeed and they always gave me the motivation to fulfill my goals. Just like any parents, I wanted to make them proud.”

Brittany enjoys getting involved and serves as a volunteer at the Hays-Heighe House at Harford Community College. While at HCC, she worked with Ms. Love on the “Soar 2 Success” program, served as a former peer leader, and was a guest speaker for the “iCanSucceed” conference, a one-day empowerment program about how to navigate the academic and social demands of college. At Towson University in Northeastern Maryland, she serves as a student ambassador and was the student speaker for the grand opening of the building. In addition, she volunteers with SARC (Sexual Abuse/Spouse Abuse Resource Center) as a hospitality companion – basically a shoulder to lean on.

Brittany wants to one day earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Her goal is to help anyone who needs guidance. She also hopes to become a motivational speaker in the future.

Her mom helped her along the way by providing anything she needed to meet her goals. “I am earning these degrees for her. I want her to know that her devotion and love is what helped me get the degree I have now and what is going to continue to help me earn the others.”