Claudia Brown

A passion for true journalism and a dedication to promote personal growth among her students make Claudia Brown an integral part of the Harford experience.

Claudia's development and implementation of new and innovative courses during an overhaul of the Mass Communications program now truly reflects trends within the field. She has created an atmosphere for her students where they thrive and have turned a once small, black-and-white college newspaper into the glossy 30+ page, award-winning Owl Magazine that is the pride of the VPAA division. Since this transition, the magazine has picked up 11 national awards for print and video production by the College Media Association¬≠–all while under her direction. Most recently they were awarded a first place Pinnacle Award for the magazine’s YouTube channel. Thinking back to her time as a student journalist in college, Claudia always had a goal to make sure the student-run publication here at Harford was actually in the hands of the students at every level of production.

Claudia’s efforts to empower her students go beyond the classroom. She provides opportunities for her students to attend college media conventions and participate in college-supported field reporting trips. She also coordinates an “alumni board,” a network of former Owl Magazine staff members who share real-world journalism experiences with her students. All of these opportunities, she feels, contribute to her students’ success.

Claudia continues to infuse contemporary media platforms like Facebook and YouTube along with video/multimedia production tools into her latest Mass Communications, Journalism/New Media and Advertising courses while emphasizing life skills to her students. She stresses the need for a good work ethic, driving them to be successful.

More than anything, Claudia wants her students to be critical thinkers, to understand that journalism is a public service, that research is imperative, and to draw their own conclusions in order to produce the best work possible.

Claudia recently received a Board of Trustees-approved faculty promotion to “professor” status in August 2017.