Danielle Jankovich

“I expected college to be very individual, but at Harford there were all kinds of study halls, clubs, sports and activities offered for all students to participate in.”

Danielle Jankovich is going places. She left Harford County to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa beginning this fall, where she planned to triple major in psychology, pre-med, and Asian languages.

After graduating from Havre de Grace High School in 2014, she hoped to join the Air Force. Danielle took a year off from school and spent most of it completing all the required paperwork, but later learned that she would not be accepted for medical reasons. Since it was too late to apply to four-year institutions, she registered for classes at HCC in fall 2015. That decision proved to be the right one for her. “Harford made it possible for me to jump right back into school because I could afford it, live with my parents, and schedule classes around my jobs.” Danielle majored in General Studies with a concentration in psychology and Spanish and earned an associate of arts in spring 2016.

“I was extremely happy with my experience at Harford. I was determined to complete my degree in one year to make up for the year that I lost, and all of the staff were kind, enthusiastic and patient when helping me make this work. I also thoroughly enjoyed running for the Owls’ cross country team under Coach Murray Davis, who was also very willing to work with me and my schedule and help me improve to my best potential. Harford's layout, class sizes and variety of activities helped me to meet people who have become great friends. I also had the opportunity to help start and be president of HCC’s student Health Club. This pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to put myself out there and recruit people. It also allowed me to get to know more of the staff and students and drove me to be more creative in planning our events.”

She was most surprised about how interactive the campus was. Danielle said, “I expected college to be very individual, but at Harford there were all kinds of study halls, clubs, sports and activities offered for all students to participate in.”

A hardworking student, Danielle received scholarships, awards, and honors. She was awarded a scholarship for her participation on the cross country team, a book scholarship after running the Heather Hurd 5K Run on campus, and a merit scholarship through the College’s Foundation. She earned a 4.0 GPA all three semesters, was a member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the Athletic Director’s Honor Role, and received the President's H Award for cross country that is given annually to a team member who best represents the true ideals of a student-athlete, including academic success, athletic ability, and leadership. She also received a leadership award from the student Health Club.

In addition to Coach Davis and her teammates, Danielle credits many others with helping her in her year at Harford. “Mr. Richardson, my Psychology 101 teacher, inspired me to truly do my best and influenced me to pursue a bachelor’s in the field of psychology. His enthusiastic teaching styles and humor made me enjoy coming to classes each week and pushed me to go above and beyond what was asked of me. Mrs. Kelly, my Health 101 teacher and the advisor of my club, also encouraged me to do great things and to get involved with our club and make a difference. My Academic Advisor, Mrs. Elaine Gisriel, also greatly influenced my experience through my many meetings with her as we fit a schedule together that would allow me to complete my degree in one year. My Speech 101 teacher, Mrs. Gribbin, not only allowed me to overcome a fear of public speaking, but also guided me through the process of writing a successful speech I delivered as the student speaker at Commencement. Finally, all of my family and friends helped me behind the scenes and brought stuff to me on campus and understood that I did not have a whole lot of time to spend with them as I conquered many credits at once, but were always there to help and support me when needed.”

She stated, “I would absolutely recommend Harford to others, and have urged a few of my friends to start their college journeys at Harford. The small class sizes, variety of activities, clubs and sports provide a great transition between high school and a traditional university for students who may not be ready to jump right in.”

Danielle hopes to become a neurosurgeon and work for Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides medical care to people in crisis around the world.