David Blackburn

HCC alumni David Blackburn believes that being homeschooled helped him to develop independent learning skills necessary to his college success. He took classes at Harford while still in high school and graduated early at the age of 16.

In 2007, David graduated from HCC with high honors with an Associate of Arts degree in English. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Towson University in 2010, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in English with a dual concentration in Literature and Writing. He is now attending Villanova University and will graduate after the fall 2013 semester with a Master’s degree in English. An aspiring professor, David said, “I would love nothing more than to be an English professor at HCC.”

David would absolutely recommend Harford to other students. “Not only will you avoid college debt, but you will also receive high quality instruction,” he said.

“As a student who has paid my way through all of my education, I cannot praise HCC enough for its affordability and for the availability of scholarships. I received the Alfred C. O’Connell Scholarship, which ensured that, for two years of my studies, my textbooks were my only expenses. I enjoyed my time at Harford so much that, enabled by my scholarship to take extra classes, I took a total of 89 credits instead of the 60 something credits needed for my associate’s degree,” David stated.

“My time at Harford brought me into contact with some particularly amazing professors who taught me not only what they were assigned to teach, but more importantly, how to be an effective instructor. The techniques and strategies that I learned from professors such as Jim Mason, Gene Popiolek, Jonas Prida, Colleen Webster, and all the wonderful professors I had the honor to take were invaluable. I learned at Harford the value and character of professors who truly are concerned for the success of their students and who are constantly adjusting to improve their instruction. I will remember the lessons I learned about teaching far after I have forgotten most of the content of the courses.”

“I have worked as a tutor at HCC for almost a decade, and I have met and worked with many individuals who need to give everything they have to succeed, and they do. Seeing this strength of character constantly humbles me and encourages me to push harder, because though I am blessed with a high academic intelligence that has always allowed me to exert less effort than these amazing people to make high grades, I know I could have done much more. I have been successful, but I want to say something to anyone reading this—1). if you have a hard time with school even though you genuinely try—I respect you deeply and I know that once you finish the race you will be stronger and more successful in life than paper will ever predict and 2). If, like me, school comes easy to you, push yourself to excel—push yourself beyond perfection and beyond what you think is possible—don’t settle for an A. In the end, it is not the grade that is printed on your transcript that counts, it is how well you have learned to push yourself beyond anyone’s (especially your own) expectations.”