Daylin Armstead

After he graduated from John Carroll High School, Daylin Armstead was unsure of what he wanted to major in. He decided to attend Harford Community College because it presented an affordable option for him while he pursued new avenues. In addition, because he had attended a private institution for most of middle school and all of high school, he was accustomed to a more personalized classroom experience and faculty/teacher to student ratio. He found that same type of close personal relationship and much more at HCC.

“I never realized how much opportunity there was to get involved here. I used to only go to class, the library for homework, and then I would go home.” He found that being involved made his college experience even more enjoyable. He joined the Student Government Association, and has participated in several HCC programs including L.E.A.D., iCan Succeed, and Soar2Success. In addition, Daylin serves as an orientation leader and a peer mentor.

“I have loved my experience here at HCC so far! I love the environment, the people, and most teachers have shown concern for my performance in the classroom. I have built some great relationships with certain individuals throughout my involvement in the different extracurricular activities on and off campus.” He said representing the College as an orientation leader has allowed him to grow as a person. It also gave him the opportunity to share that experience with others, with whom he still keeps in contact.

Daylin says he couldn’t possibly have gotten this far by himself. “First, I would like to thank the Most High for instilling strength in me and allowing me to be resilient. Also, big thanks to my mother for nagging me to death and keeping me on my school work. My older brother has been tremendous in setting the bar high and being the first to receive his bachelor’s degree and having job offers lined up before he even graduated! I would also like to take the time to thank my mentors at HCC – Mr. Harry Brown, sociology faculty and Mrs. Love, Student Activities Specialist, for taking time out of their lives to check on me and see how I’m doing in and outside school. Last but not least, my beautiful girlfriend Lacey, who continues to challenge and encourage me to succeed as I see her consistently earn all A’s.”

For Daylin, HCC is a steppingstone that has provided him with valuable experience. A psychology major who will graduate from Harford in spring 2016, Daylin plans to transfer to a four-year institution. He loves learning about human behavior and hopes to pursue a career in Student Affairs/Student Activities.

He feels that Harford is great for those who want to save money, prefer a personalized experience, are unsure of what they want to major in, and/or if they just want a comfortable environment in which to grow before they transfer to a four-year institution. “The HCC community is so supportive; they all want you to do well,” said Daylin. “I love it here and wish I could receive my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from here!”