Elena Snyder

Elena Snyder’s determination to earn her GED meant conquering her struggle with math. Her ultimate success was due to i-Pathways, a hybrid GED math prep class at Harford that enabled her to work on problems from home, have in-class time with a dedicated instructor, and customized help where she needed it most. Next on Elena’s list: an application to be a credit student at Harford.

“This was my third time taking a GED math class. i-Pathways was my success,” says student Elena Snyder. “I found it better than the traditional math class. The software was easy to understand as I worked on it from home. It helped me a lot because of more one-on-one, in-class instruction. My instructor, Beth Johnson, was great. She spent time with each student and went above and beyond. If we had a question, she was right on it and found us additional resources if needed.”

Now, with her GED earned, Elena has picked up an application to apply to HCC, transferred her transcripts to the College from GED.com, and is now getting ready to take the Accuplacer. Her goal is to major in criminal justice.

i-Pathways Hybrid GED® Math offers even greater flexibility for working students than the traditional 15-week GED math program. Over the course of 10 weeks, class meets once per week on campus in the morning, and the remaining instruction is through an online tutorial with a dedicated instructor. According to Beth Johnson, “The i-Pathways GED Math course is designed for the student who has math anxiety, has struggled to pass the math portion of the GED, or would benefit from a more individualized approach to mastering the math information presented on the GED test. This class was also created for those students who benefit from having a class during the day as opposed to our night classes. Small class size also allows for a more personalized experience for students.” She further states, “I have loved teaching the i-Pathways GED Math course. I love to help people succeed and take a further step towards their goals. It has been a blessing to watch students conquer the math portion of the GED and be one step closer to their dreams.”

Students who have taken a math GED class before, or if the math section of the exam is the only portion holding them back from earning their GED, should contact Jessie Thompson at 443-412-2054 or jthompson@harford.edu before January 20, 2019 for evaluation to see if they are eligible for the i-Pathways program. Classes begin January 23.