Farai Chiridza

You met me, a total stranger from another country, a foreign world! You did not know what to expect, all you knew was I was here to play on the tennis team. With time you grew to know me, and I became more than just a teammate and a fellow athlete or classmate, I became a friend, that crazy dude that always made you smile and sometimes made you mad. All of you became my family away from my family. I love you all like my brothers and sisters, George (my tennis coach) became my father away from my father. The ladies in the advising office became my mothers away from my mom. All of you cared for me and I love you all so much. And I want to thank you all for giving me a wonderful time, here as I'm sitting in this airport tears running down my eyes. Just know I will forever keep you in my heart. I will never forget all the angels that touched my heart and made me the man I am today.