Justin Higgins

When you’re positive and put forth an honest effort, you might surprise yourself with what you’re able to accomplish.”

Justin Higgins is enjoying his time as a Harford Community College student. “It was the perfect option and it was close. But it ended up being better than I ever could have imagined!” A General Studies major, he has taken advantage of the My College Success Network, a program designed to empower and support African American students at the College. “It has helped with my confidence in the classroom, with applying for jobs, networking opportunities, and knowing that you always have someone in your corner,” he said. All students, regardless of ethnicity, are welcome to participate.

Harford has provided Justin with so many opportunities to grow and expand as a person. “I have been surprised by how welcome I have been and how much I have fit into the student atmosphere here at Harford. I am also surprised by how my knowledge has expanded since being here and the wealth of knowledge I have collected.” Last semester, he attended the Black, Brown, and College Bound Conference in Tampa Bay. He is involved in organizations including Emerging Leaders and Psyched Up; volunteered at a golf tournament and a 5K race; and attended special events, presentations and movies.

Justin serves as the school representative for Maryland Higher Education Commission Student Council. In this capacity, he is an active voting member working to make the secondary school experience better for current and future Maryland students. He is a working student and has a position as a Learning Assistant at the College’s Learning Center; he is also a warehouse associate for Macy’s. In addition to working two jobs and participating in extracurricular activities, Justin is earning good grades. “I have been blessed enough to appear on the Dean’s List the past two semesters.”

He highly recommends Harford to others. “People are often hesitant to go to community college because it has a stigma of not being good enough, and younger students want to get away from home. But HCC has so much to offer – great classes and professors, opportunities to grow outside of your comfort zone in a safe place, and you know you’ll be ready when you transfer because of what you learned.”

He is grateful to donors as scholarships have played an important role in providing him with the opportunity to attend college. “I have received scholarships for every semester, making the dream of college believable.”

Justin, who will graduate in May, plans to transfer to Eastern University to pursue a B.A. in Biblical Studies. He is confident that he’ll be well prepared for his upper-level courses. His goal is to pursue a career in youth ministry or something involving the church.

He offers this advice to other students: “You know why you’re here. Don’t allow others’ negativity to cloud your judgment or make it seem like you’ve made the wrong decision. When you’re positive and put forth an honest effort, you might surprise yourself with what you’re able to accomplish.”