Kelly Groft

Kelly Groft, News Director for ABC2, got her start in broadcasting as a student at Harford Community College.

Kelly, who earned an Associate’s degree in mass communications from Harford, was very involved with the radio station, first DJing a few shows, doing the news, and then serving as the news director. As a member of the radio team, she took part in weekend fundraisers at the Harford Mall for the John Brennan Memorial Scholarship, which she received her second year at HCC. “I literally spent all of my free time at the radio station,” she stated. In addition, she had an internship at WPOC in their newsroom.

“At HCC I got hands-on experience. I will admit I always wanted to be in journalism, but I didn’t know how to get there. My mother encouraged me to go to HCC to get a feel for things, to be sure it’s what I really wanted. It was just enough to push me further. Because I went to HCC, I was able to get a taste of what news was like, not just classroom work, but working the audio board and dealing with news wires,” said Kelly.

After graduating from Harford, she transferred to York College of Pennsylvania (YCP) and earned a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a minor in public relations. “By the time I started at YCP, I already had the hands-on experience some students were just getting. I was able to work at the radio station at YCP and did a second internship which landed me a job in the news business before I even graduated with my bachelor’s degree.”

Kelly joined ABC2 in 1999 when she started producing the 6 PM news. She became News Director there in 2009, and she now runs the News Department where she is responsible for hiring new talent, on screen and behind the scenes. She is involved in day-to-day coverage, as well as big projects, and works on the newsroom budget as well as future plans. “I am fortunate to work with a great team of journalists day in and day out.” Kelly says some of the best recognition comes from viewers and organizations that send emails and cards thanking ABC2 for coverage. She said she saves every note they receive.

“Things happen for a reason. My mom pushed me; I had a professor at HCC who encouraged me, another at YCP who saw potential, and a News Director who gave me my first shot. I was blessed and continue to be,” stated Kelly.