Kirsten Smith

Kirsten is exploring her career options at Harford Community College.

Since graduating from Bel Air High School, Kirsten Smith has been very busy. She earned an AA in biology from Harford Community College and returned this spring to start the nursing program.

“I decided to go to HCC because it is close to home, inexpensive, and I had heard that people tend to learn more there than at any four-year university. I also wasn’t positive what I wanted to do, so this gave me the opportunity to explore more options while I learned more about myself so that I could be sure that I was going in the direction I wanted.”

After taking Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Scott Schaeffer, she found her passion and decided to pursue a career in nursing. Kirsten is very excited about her decision to continue her education. She plans to work part time during nursing school so that she still has plenty of time to focus on her studies while being able to pay for school.

“I love going to HCC. I have had some of the most inspirational professors that I could have ever imagined, have found different things that I really do well in, and met people that I really get along with and can relate to. I have met some of my best friends at HCC and have had some amazing professors to keep me motivated and help guide me in the best direction so that I am able to have the most positive impact on our community.”

She highly recommends Harford to others. “The professors and staff are beyond amazing. Everyone is more than happy to help you and get to know you, be it an English 101 professor that inspires you to keep on writing and following your dreams, a government/political science professor who helps you to see how you can help to influence our current political system and government, or an anatomy professor who inspires you to question everything about healthcare and to do what you know is best for your patients because you are far smarter than you realize. Each of my professors played a different role in helping me to develop to be the person I am, and I am so happy that I took every class that I did.”

Many people have helped her along the way. “My parents were always extremely supportive with letting me explore every pathway that I have been interested in and helpful with guiding me to the medical field because that is where I am smartest, will be happiest, and most able to excel. My boyfriend has played a tremendous role in supporting me in every decision I make, pushing me to follow my dreams to become a nurse and challenging me to keep becoming smarter and better in every area. My professors, specifically Prof. Meyer, Dr. Schaeffer, and Dr. Stephanie Hallock, have always been there to support me and challenge my views. Each one of them has helped to challenge my views and my intelligence to help me grow in different ways and areas, while being supportive to help me be better in the field that I decide is best.”

Kirsten learned so much while at Harford. “I was most surprised by how much each of the professors encouraged me to question things through and really learn instead of just memorize. I also had so much fun!” Kirsten said she couldn’t wait to start the nursing program at HCC!