Lindsay Rizzi

As a pop artist with a B.A. degree in Studio Art and a recent solo show in the College's Joppa Hall Art Gallery, you'd never know that painting was not Lindsay Rizzi's first calling. Starting at Harford in the graphic design track, Lindsay enjoyed everything about HCC – including the dedicated professors, the well-equipped labs, and the gorgeous campus – but just wasn’t "feeling the passion" for graphic design. Lindsay pushed on, earning spots on the Dean's List and President's List most semesters. She was inducted into Harford's Rho Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, eventually earning scholarship money for her transfer plans after HCC. Unsure of her future career choice, Lindsay explored other academic areas while at Harford: "I'd say Harford truly allowed me to explore my options, especially as an artist."

Lindsay leaned on her trusted professors, who convinced her to keep pushing herself to further her education. "Jim McFarland motivated me to get to where I am now. Although he may not remember, I cried to him my last year at Harford. As much as I loved the program, I wasn’t passionate about it. He motivated me to keep going and continue my education, even if it was in studio art and not graphic design. His advice stuck with me to this day. Your education is so important and is something that can never be taken away from you."

Completing her degree at Harford, Lindsay transferred to University of Maryland, College Park, where she began to pursue painting after a faculty member recommended she give it a try. She hasn’t looked back since. A natural talent for her, painting has become a passion and a new discovery in her higher ed journey as well as in her development as an artist.

Lindsay intends to stay as close to art as she can, pursue her freelance art career, and grow her small business selling her work online. She continues to reach out to Harford's Art + Design faculty for career advice and inspiration. Recently, she sought the advice of one of her HCC art mentors, Ken Jones, Associate Professor for Art + Design. He worked with Lindsay to return to HCC to develop her own solo show. "She knew that developing and exhibiting bodies of work is instrumental in my practice of teaching as well as utilizing and growing networks and subsequently finding opportunities by engaging with people – so after seeing her current work and her excitement about it, I offered her a solo show in the Joppa viewing space."

The successful show gave current students the opportunity to see how alumni grow and flourish after attending Harford. Lindsay was truly grateful for the opportunity to market and connect her work to the place where it all started for her – Harford Community College.

Lindsay mainly concentrates on portraiture and expressive pop art and is heavily influenced by music, animals, the ocean and pop art created by others. Her work can be seen on her website,, and on Instagram at rizzi_art.