Lori Sheahen

As a working mother of four, Lori Sheahen said there was no way she would have been able to travel to Towson University’s main campus to complete her bachelor’s degree. So she was thrilled to be able to take upper level courses at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE) instead. For her, it was very important to have it all close to home.

After earning an A.A.T. in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education from Harford Community College in May 2014, she transferred to Towson. Lori felt that the transfer process was extremely smooth. “It was so much easier than I imagined it would be. Everyone at TUNE was and is so helpful with every aspect.”

When she was first deciding about whether or not to return to college, Lori was a little concerned because she is not a traditional aged student. In addition, she is used to thinking about her family’s needs first rather than herself. Her husband encouraged her and her children told her she had nothing for which to feel guilty. “They helped me realize how much happier I am being able to finally finish my goals!”

She had heard great things about HCC from former students, so she decided to enroll. “While I am quite a bit older than the average student, I still felt very comfortable on campus. Everyone at Harford was so nice and helpful. I was concerned about the younger students not really including me, but that was not the case. While I tend to mother my peers, I’m totally good with that. I am also in several classes with my children’s friends, so that’s been interesting and fun!” 

She said, “I feel that the education I received at HCC is excellent and the professors are really good! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harford to others.” Although she is no longer enrolled at Harford, Lori’s son is a current HCC student and enjoys time spent with friends in class and out while on campus.

Lori is employed by the Bel Air Athletic Club, where she has worked in the preschool, as manager on duty, at the front desk, and more for the past seven years. “Since I am going to school full-time, I have taken on less responsibilities but still teach my Art program and have taken over the Science program so that I can stay involved in the preschool and manage occasionally. I have four children, so finding time for it all has been challenging, but it's worth it!”

When asked about her future plans, she stated, “I plan to become a teacher in the public school system, but I haven’t and won’t close the door on any opportunity that comes my way.”