Melissa Warscyncki

Reconnecting Youth Helps Young Adults Get Back on Track

Reconnecting Youth (RYP) helps youth, between the ages of 16 and 21 who have dropped out of high school, earn a high school diploma or GED® and obtain employment. Program components include financial aid for enrollment in GED® preparation classes, tutoring, and job search assistance. Harford Community College (HCC) is proud to partner with the Harford County Public Schools’ Reconnecting Youth Program (RYP).

Melissa Warscyncki is a past RYP participant who passed the GED® exam, earned an Associate’s degree at Harford Community College, and has a promising career in the Baltimore City Police Department. Melissa entered Harford County Public School’s Reconnecting Youth Program in spring 2006. She had dropped out of high school after completing the 11th grade at North Harford High School. From the beginning, her educational and vocational goals were clear. She wanted to enroll in college, get back to playing lacrosse, and ultimately graduate from the police academy.

She passed the GED® test in July 2006 but did not apply to Harford Community College right away. When she did enroll at the College, she started playing lacrosse and attending classes. She completed an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. At the end of each semester, she was recognized on the Dean’s and President’s Lists for her academic achievement. While she was the lacrosse team captain, her team achieved the All American Team status. As lacrosse is her passion, she is “super proud” of her record as the highest scorer in the county. While at the College, she achieved record-breaking goals in both the educational and athletic arenas.

Melissa enrolled in the Baltimore Police Academy in 2010. She graduated from the Academy with the Top Female Training Award in 2011. Since graduating, she has risen through the ranks and received many awards such as the Excellence in Policing and Officer of the Month. She is now an officer working in downtown Baltimore. In the future, she may pursue training in a K9 Division and join the Undercover and Detective Divisions. Her ultimate goal is to become the first or second female Baltimore City Police Commissioner. With her self-determination and many talents, Melissa has a bright future ahead of her.

If you know a young person who lives in Harford County and needs GED® classes, refer them to Boo Chrismer at 410-688-0282 to discuss eligibility for RYP. You have the opportunity to help a young person have a successful future.

Martha (Boo) Chrismer, program coordinator, serves approximately 55 students per year in RYP. Funding for the Reconnecting Youth Program is provided by the Susquehanna Workforce Network through a youth services grant.