Nicole Six

“If you know what you want, and even if you don’t, you can explore your interests and get a feel for what you like.”

Harford Community College student Nicole Six has been planning her future for a very long time. She discovered her passion in elementary school, and feels that now is the time to follow her dream. Nicole will be transferring to Durham University in the United Kingdom (UK) this fall to study archaeology.

“In first grade, I was in the nonfiction section of my school’s library and I found a book about cat mummies in Egypt. After I read that, I was hooked on learning more. I suppose that makes it about 14 years now. I’ve always been extremely passionate about archaeology, especially Egyptology,” stated Nicole.

A graduate of North Harford High School, Nicole decided that Harford would be just the right place to begin her life’s journey. “I had aspirations to attend a university overseas, and I wanted a good springboard for that. I had an opportunity to familiarize myself with college life through HCC. In addition, the costs are very affordable, and I’ve lived in Harford County my whole life, so it’s easily accessible.”

She says her time at Harford has helped her to better understand the workload she should expect when she moves on to Durham University, a world top 100 university. “I’ve gained a sense of independence, which is crucial when I’m overseas and there is less of a support system.”

A history major at HCC, Nicole said she has enjoyed every class that she has taken. “The instructors are passionate about what they do. I love the wide variety of classes, as I have many interests outside my major.” There were many at HCC who helped her to achieve her goals. Nicole valued the advice she received from all of her instructors, and particularly enjoyed learning from Associate Professor Jeff Ball in art history and Professor of English Dr. Dotti Miller in world literature.

Once she began taking classes at Harford, she gained a new perspective about two-year institutions. “I always thought community college was for people who didn’t want to go to a four-year college, but really, classes are made up of people who really love to learn.”

Nicole believes HCC is a great place for students to pursue higher education. “If you know what you want, and even if you don’t, you can explore your interests and get a feel for what you like.”

After she graduates from Durham, Nicole plans to pursue a career as a field archaeologist or a museum curator/archivist.