Terry Trouyet

"It’s nonstop." Terry says the most rewarding part of his job is the day-to-day success of keeping WHFC going.

WHFC-FM Operations Manager Terry Trouyet believes that giving back is important. “I volunteer as much as humanly possible,” he said. Over the years, he has served on a number of boards of nonprofit organizations and is currently a board member of the Historical Society of Harford County and the Harford Cable Network Foundation. In addition, he volunteers here at Harford Community College.

A Baltimore native, Terry started his broadcast career in 1972 while in the U.S. Air Force. “I knew this career path was right for me.” He has worked for non-commercial and commercial stations including WBSB-FM, WMMX-FM, WQSR-FM, WCBM, WUSL-FM, among others. A broadcast veteran, he has held a variety of positions and worked in numerous locations including Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; New York; and Baltimore. Trouyet was the local Saturday and Sunday host for National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition and was honored to be named one of the top Public Radio Program Directors in the nation. He programmed WJHU-FM at Johns Hopkins University for six years and also served as its Assistant General Manager before the station was sold by the university. One of the highlights of his long and rewarding career was taking WJHU-FM to national prominence. “My career has been an enriching one,” he said.

Terry joined WHFC, a broadcast service of Harford Community College, in 2013. His responsibilities include recruiting, training, and coaching. “I provide programming input and make sure WHFC is FCC compliant. I also work with fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. I run all aspects of the automation systems. It’s nonstop.” Terry says the most rewarding part of his job is the day-to-day success of keeping WHFC going. He also works with Harford Community College students, coaching them and drawing upon a lifetime of experience to augment their study of radio broadcasting. He also occasionally speaks to or participates with HCC Professor Wayne Hepler’s communication students.

He has been involved with HCC’s ARTS Connection Day for the past five years. The event gives junior and senior high school students the opportunity to visit the College and learn what a career in the arts is all about. Students take tours, see a performance, and attend art, design, music, theater, and mass communications workshops.

In addition to his work at WHFC, Terry is a professional voice actor, actor, and motivational speaker. He is a member of the Public Radio Directors Association and Toastmasters.

Terry has a number of interests. “I love sports, including baseball, soccer and football. Going to the movies or a play. Listening to music. Although I listen to all styles of music, Jazz is my favorite. Taking leisurely walks and practicing Tai Chi. Reading, I’m excessive. I try to read at least two books a month. My favorite areas are Leadership and Neuroscience.” Terry said he is into self-improvement, both mentally and physically.

He earned an A.A. from the Community College of Baltimore and a B.A. from Towson University. He is a 2017 graduate of the Harford Leadership Academy (HLA), a Community Leadership Development Program co-sponsored by Harford Community College and the Harford County Chamber of Commerce. The Academy promotes the development of existing and emerging leaders to create a committed, involved, and diverse network of leaders in Harford County. “It was a great experience, and I met outstanding leaders in our community.”

A respected professional and dedicated volunteer, Terry has received awards from the military and many of the volunteer organizations in which he has served. He has been featured in articles in The Baltimore Sun, assorted JHU publications, and Volunteers of America.

Terry encourages new patrons to tune in to 91.1 FM: “Listeners to WHFC will find plenty of variety. That being said describes its uniqueness. Supporting WHFC will assure that the programming will remain available to our listeners who choose to enjoy it.”

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