Tyler Bielatowicz

The teaching staff at Harford has incredible credentials and works closely with students, pushing us to reach our full potential.

Tyler Bielatowicz

Harford Community College alumnus Tyler Bielatowicz was given a unique opportunity to display his musical talents. Prior to graduating in May, he was invited to perform a solo recital in HCC’s Joppa Hall.

The music faculty at the College had recently begun holding senior recitals for students deserving of the recognition and also to help prepare them for transfer to a four-year music program. After showing great dedication in Harford’s music program by performing in two to three ensembles each semester, taking lessons in three different instruments, and actively contributing in his music classes, Tyler’s instructors chose him as the student whose efforts they would showcase.

Tyler said, “I was honored to be the first-ever, VPAA-sponsored student to perform a solo recital.” The recital consisted of soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet and flute, and he performed selections from Gabriel Fauré’s Sicilinenne, Op. 78 from Pelléas et Mélisande to Sidney Bechet’s Petite Fleur.

During his years at HCC, he had the opportunity to engage in another one-of-a-kind musical experience. For three years, Tyler performed in Benny Russell’s HCC Jazz Ensemble, playing alto and tenor saxophone. Russell, an adjunct instructor of music at the College, is a renowned musician and recording artist who has had a long and successful career composing, arranging, and performing in venues around the world.

Tyler’s passion for music has helped him to determine the career he wishes to pursue. In high school, he considered becoming a music teacher, as he was highly involved in the music program at Bel Air. In his senior year, he was in the Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, served as Assistant Director of the freshman band, and was part of the Dynamic Performers quartet. He also took AP Music Theory and music technology. “I had so much fun and I didn’t want those experiences to stop, so I decided to become a music education major. Once I started the music program at HCC, my decision was finalized when I was able to have the chance to teach a class or two and help other students with their music studies.”

According to Tyler, “My experience at HCC has been wonderful. The teachers are all fun to work with, making learning fun and engaging.” He said Harford’s music program is challenging and provides opportunities for students of all levels to become fully engaged. Under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Burt, he felt honored to be allowed to teach one theory class in a review session. He said he also received great instruction from other music faculty as well as teachers outside of the music program. At Harford, he learned that teaching does not have to be all lectures and tests, but that one could incorporate fun and excitement into the classroom.

Tyler highly recommends Harford Community College to others, saying “The teaching staff at Harford has incredible credentials and works closely with students, pushing us to reach our full potential. One thing that surprised me about the College was the diversity of the students in my program, especially since most came from Harford County.”

He chose HCC because it was affordable, right down the street, and allowed him to hold a part-time job while attending full-time to earn his degree. Tyler believes working while attending college teaches students the importance of time management and responsibility. He also felt that attending HCC allowed him time to mature a little more so that he could take his studies more seriously and really think about his future.

Tyler, who earned an Associate of Arts in Music in spring 2017, is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. He plans to transfer to Towson University to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a double major in music education and music performance.