LAC Charges

Mentor and advise

  • Provide assistance for formulating and structuring assessment projects.
  • Provide assistance with linking projects to program and institutional goals.
  • Make suggestions to the campus that would encourage assessment in a particular direction.
  • Promote scholarship in the area of assessment.
  • Promote the benefits that assessment brings to students, faculty, the institution, and the public.

Assist with gathering, documenting, interpreting, and retaining information to assist with assessment

  • Promote the creation and maintenance of a database of information.
  • Assist faculty with data acquisition and interpretation.
  • Create a criteria for the allocation of funds for assessment projects.
  • Use assessment database as a resource.
  • Keep current with research with national assessment practices.
  • Maintain and revise forms as needed. Issue a committee summarization report.

Monitor assessment for the purpose of accreditation and satisfying Third Party Accreditation Agencies’
assessment requirements

  • Assist faculty in keeping current with accreditation agencies’ assessment requirements.
  • Liaison with the HCC representative for the accreditation agency.
  • Maintain the College assessment plan (timelines, planning for the future, next five years) up-to-date.
  • Monitor Middle States for possible shifts in direction.
  • Act as a resource for and facilitate documentation of  improved learning as a result of assessment.

Share information between and among members of the campus

  • Disseminate information concerning and clarify all assessment tasks on campus.
  • Identify broad or common themes currently being used in project plans and share that information with other divisions to make assessment connections.
  • Share projects on Professional Development Days – highlight projects within sessions.
  • Share and explain projects so that they have meaning to faculty and to external constituents; determine alternative ways to share the information.