Student Leadership Development

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Emerging Leaders: Student Leadership Engagement and Development

Emerging Leaders is a leadership program designed by the Office of Student Life to build and enhance the leadership of students at Harford Community College.

Want to learn more about Emerging Leaders? Contact Caitlin White ( at 443-412-2331.

By completing this program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn a leadership certificate and attend the Annual Student Leadership Banquet
  • Apply for an Emerging Leaders Scholarship
  • Be considered to attend regional and national leadership conferences, such as the NACA Summer Leadership Event in Walt Disney World

Criteria for Emerging Leaders certificate:

  • Attendance at bi-weekly Emerging Leaders meetings– featuring workshops, speakers, and activities to develop leadership skills
  • Participation in a Registered Student Organization, illustrated through the submission of a resume
  • Participation in at least one service learning experience
  • Completion of the CliftonStrengths for Students Assessment
  • Creation of a personal mission statement
  • Identification of one’s philosophy of leadership
  • Creation of one short-term and one long-term goal

Emerging Leaders Learning Objectives

  • Develop and exhibit and accurate sense of self and understanding of personal motivation
  • Develop an understanding of and practice personal and professional responsibility
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal beliefs and values with an understanding of how these fit with personal practice and responsibility
  • Develop and articulate a personal philosophy of leadership
  • Learn to evaluate and improve upon personal leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Contribute to an inclusive and engaging environment for a dynamic campus community
  • Show a record of leadership experiences in preparation for future leadership opportunities
  • Learn social responsibility
  • Develop a sense of citizenship and prepare for community involvement

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